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Christian artist, Kellyann from Liverpool, England, releases an inspiring song “I Say Yes” is taken from the new album Fresh Manna - A Testimony through song. Before she started to sing worship, she used to regularly sing at the Cavern Club Liverpool, home to the Beatles.

Fresh Manna – A Testimony Through Song is a truly authentic and uplifting account of Kellyann’s journey to faith, and how ‘locking up with the Lord’ in the Corona Virus ‘lockdown’ turned an isolating experience into one fulfilled with the fondness of her identity in Christ.

Kellyann shares about the songwriting behind the song: &quote; The day I said “Yes” was the best day of my life and so I wanted this song to sound like a Celebration - which to me sounds like country music! This song celebrates the day I saw eternity for the first time. From this day on I knew I would love this man named Jesus for the rest of my days. Knowing Him is the “Why” I will lift my hands and praise Him every day while I draw breath on God’s green earth.

My declaration of Love for Jesus is effortless. It’s the most obvious thing in the world to me, and Why?

Kellyann continues: “We love because He loved us first” (1 John 4:19). The The revelation of my salvation was to be like Mary, knowing that the highest place I can be is to be fallen at his feet - to hear the Father’s heart's.

Ruth Campbell

Hi, my name is Ruth Campbell and come from Scotland. My song in the beginning is really more of a hymn and I would love to see this sung in churches or used as an evangelical tool/ video.  It just kept growing and required me to really study my bible and make sure I was right in my theology.  It was also a wonderful exercise and opportunity to go back to the beginning both in the bible and in a sense question what I believe and be reminded of God’s promises.



After overcoming years of shyly hiding behind her guitar playing & 170,000+ YouTube views later, Adegail has blossomed into a songwriting, worship leading, YouTube singing, guitar teaching, PIA2019 challenge semi-finalist. Since June 2019 she has helped to either equip, encourage, educate and empower close to 200 of her fellow community members/independent artists via her 2019 founded iRadiate events. Although countercultural, she is determined to give others the opportunities that she wished that she had as an upcoming artist.
Her 2018 founded #worshipwednesdaychallenge has seen her release 75 instagram worship remixes, jingles and acoustic covers on Instagram that are reshared internationally and she has been dubbed by many leading UK gospel/contemporary
artists, an esteemed PRS consultant and premier gospel radio presenters as being a trailblazer within the Christian community and beyond.

Adegail demonstrates to her supporters what it looks like to live out their purpose boldly via her social media platforms, her iRadiate, Astepfwd and church roles. As a strong advocate for using your God-given gifts and talents, she is now choosing to use her original music/live recorded music videos to get this message across. Her sound can be described as relatable experimental contemporary-gospel for everyday life. Some of her greatest musical influences are Tori Kelly, Mali Music, Jonathan McReynolds and in recent years the penmanship of Todd Galberth and Todd Dulaney.

The message of Live For You spreads hope amidst the current pandemic & encourages others to worship/live out their purpose boldly, like she has been doing unashamedly for the last few years. This debut took 3 years to make and was initially live recorded during Adegail’s 2019 headline iRadiate Event. Live For You captures the heart of serving God no matter what the circumstances look like and will encourage any purpose-driven believer through the changing seasons of life. The song will be accompanied with a live filmed music video out on Friday 19th February
2021 on Adegail's youtube. It has been featured on gospel hydration (161k subscribers) and rotated on UK radio station AffinityXtra and US gospel station Fav our 97.3 in the first week alone.

Youtube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Brad Quilliam

As I was talking to the Lord about various issues, which I tend to do.  A response came to me that I need to trust and follow the Lord as he has constantly reminded me, and not lose my peace, hope and joy.

So as I started playing my guitar this tune and the words “Trust the Potter” came to me and then the rest of the lyrics followed, there were many reminders especially that he has created us for his purpose (the Lord is our Potter and we are the clay to be shaped into his vessels so we are of his use) and we need to live our life and not be stubborn to allow him to mould us for his purpose.

Sean Ware

I am an independent gospel songwriter/artist who lives outside the Chicago area. I dedicate my music to only create songs to give God all the glory, honor, and praise. I have a catalog of different genres of music, however most of my newer projects fall into a genre I proclaim as R&G (Rhythm and Gospel). 

​My artistry began in my early years as music played a huge part in my life. In my early 20's, a prophecy was spoken over my life that one day I would be making music only for God's kingdom. In His divine timing, the opportunity finally came upon me prior to the "lockdown" in 2019. My place of employment shut down and there was I left with time to begin creating the songs that the Holy Spirit inspired within me. After writing and producing my first album, "Based On Scripture", I literally thought that was going to be the only album I would create. I am now have 12 albums, 7 singles, and 2 albums in different languages. God is amazing! and I hope you enjoy the music! Each song is filled with scripture and rhythmically paired with music to elevate your praise and worship experience. God bless and share the "Good News" of Jesus!

Sarai Korpacz

New York-based contemporary- Christian artist Sarai Korpacz understands the true power of worship. She suffered chronic pain from an injury in 2018 and found much-needed inspiration in Christian music. She found the strength to bear the pain even when medicine fell short. Now pain-free, she creates upbeat, positive Christian music that spreads a simple message - worship God in spirit and truth, He is always there, no matter how rough the road is.