Worldwide Prayer Event Hopes to Reach 1 Billion People by the End of May

Friday marks the beginning of a worldwide prayer event that hopes to reach one billion people with the Gospel. In January, about 1,000 churches gathered together in Tennessee for a 30 day-prayer event, Awaken Tennessee, where mass revival broke out. The event was set to occur again in May, but with the outbreak of COVID-19 […]

Nigeria’s Christians are being silently slaughtered

Ninety-one million Christians live in Nigeria. They make up around 46 per cent of the total population of 196 million. There are a similar number of Muslims in Nigeria – over 90 million. In Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, the majority of Christians live in the south of the country, and their religious freedom is respected. […]

Christianity crackdown: Fury as cross TORN DOWN from church by officials

CHINA’S communist government has exploited the coronavirus quarantine conditions to further their campaign against Christianity by destroying crosses and demolishing a church whilst was in lockdown. On March 13, a church in Guoyang County, Anhui Province saw its cross removed by authorities. A video shared on twitter documented the moment when the crane removed the red cross […]

Donald Trump Announces Decision to End U.S. Funding of the World Health Organization

President Donald Trump has decided to stop all funding for the World Health Organization, saying the group has put “political correctness over lifesaving measures.” According to Fox News, Trump said the U.S. will lead a 60-to-90 day investigation into allegations that WHO downplayed coronavirus and how the organization uses funding. WHO is accused of downplaying the […]

China Bans Churches from Streaming Services, Even during Pandemic

Churches around the world are staying in contact online during the COVID-19 pandemic, but such an action remains illegal in China. The watchdog Bitter Winter reported April 5 that very few organizations, and “only those that hold state-issued licenses,” can stream religious services online in China. “We can’t get together because of the pandemic,” an […]

Christian Minorities at Greater Risk of Persecution during Coronavirus Outbreak

In areas around the world where Christians are a religious minority, Christians are more likely to face discrimination when trying to receive food and medical care. According to Fox News, the coronavirus pandemic is making life even harder for Christians and other religious minorities in countries around the world. Open Doors USA, a Christian watchdog group, […]

Boris Johnson leaves hospital as he continues recovery from coronavirus

Boris Johnson has thanked the NHS for saving his life as he left hospital to recuperate at Chequers, after a week of treatment for Covid-19. The prime minister praised two nurses in particular for watching over his bedside in intensive care for 48 hours “when things could have gone either way” – Jenny from New Zealand […]

Boris Johnson makes ‘very good progress’

Boris Johnson is continuing to make “very good progress” in hospital, where he is being treated for coronavirus, according to Downing Street. The prime minister, 55, was taken to hospital on Sunday – 10 days after testing positive for the virus. He had three nights in intensive care before returning to a ward on Thursday. […]

Boris Johnson leaves intensive care

The Prime Minister has been moved out of intensive care and back into a hospital ward where he will be closely monitored by doctors at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. He is said to be in “extremely good spirits” as he continues his recovery, after he was admitted to hospital on Sunday with persistent symptoms […]

Coronavirus Cannot Survive In The Body Of Jesus’ – Tanzania’s President

President of Tanzania, John Magufuli has reacted to the ravaging coronavirus pandemic in his country. While other countries are on lockdown and have paused all social gatherings, the president said his government will not be closing down churches and mosques because the diseases are of the devil and cannot survive while in the “body of Christ”. […]