Persecuted Christians await fate in Libya limbo

The group was detained in March as part of a wider crackdown on Christ-followers in Tripoli. Two American missionaries were arrested and deported during the same period.

One of the six believers published a video explaining how she came to Jesus when she was 15 years old.

“The six believers thought maybe they have like freedom now, they can share their faith, and right away, they [were caught] by the security there.” Riadh Jabballah with Voice of the Martyrs Canada says.

Libya’s constitution guarantees religious freedom to non-Muslims. However, it also defines Islam as the state religion. There are no anti-conversion laws per se, but the Constitution’s loose wording provides space for persecution. More about that here.

“Libya is a fully Islamic country,” Jabballah says.

“Libyan Christians are particularly vulnerable to persecution, especially those from a Muslim background.”

The six Libyan Christians are still waiting for a court date. “We don’t know exactly what [will] happen to them. Maybe they’ll kill them; nobody knows, so we pray for them,” Jabballah says.

He adds that Libya’s wider power struggle adds to the confusion and uncertainty.

“The situation now is not clear in Libya because [the] government [is] like two states in one.”

Ask the Lord to intervene on behalf of Christ-followers in Libya and grant them freedom. Pray for peace, encouragement, and hope for the believers’ families as they deal with this challenging situation.

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