BBC caves to abortion lobby, leaves women facing an unplanned pregnancy with only one option for them and their baby: abortion

Following pressure from the UK’s two largest abortion providers, the BBC Action Line, which has been featured after the TV series Call The Midwife, now refers onto a page which links women on directly to the services of the UK’s two largest private abortion providers. These private abortion clinics only provide abortions, they do not provide practical support for women who may […]

Christian ex-magistrate appeals against NHS trust

RICHARD PAGE EMPLOYMENT APPEAL TRIBUNAL HEARING TIME AND DATE: Tuesday 22th January, 10:30am VENUE: Employment Appeal Tribunal, 2nd Floor, Fleetbank House 2-6 Salisbury Square London EC4Y 8AE A MAGISTRATE, removed by the NHS as a non-executive director for expressing the view that it is in a child’s best interests to be raised by a mother […]

Press Comment: Schoolgirl abortion plot line raises public concern

Right To Life spokesperson Clare McCarthy said: “Last night’s Coronation Street plot line brought to light the fact that underage girls can have an abortion in the UK without parental involvement, and that parents have no legal right to be informed or consulted about their child’s abortion. “Comments on Twitter showed that Coronation Street viewers […]

Richmond to ban offers of help and support outside of Twickenham abortion clinic

A broadly worded Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) criminalising any form of interaction with staff or visitors to a BPAS abortion clinic on Rosslyn Road has been approved by Richmond Council following a Regulatory Committee meeting this evening. A group of mothers who received help outside the clinic have expressed their dismay that yet another […]

Stop Gendercide calls for total ban on sex-selective abortion following BBC investigation

Stop Gendercide is calling for the Government to introduce an explicit ban on sex-selective abortion following an investigation by the Victoria Derbyshire Show revealing that there is widespread evidence of women coming under intense pressure to undergo sex-selective abortions in the UK. Labour this morning announced support for a ban on new early NIPT for […]

Mothers welcome home office abortion ‘buffer zone’ decision

A group of mothers who were offered help outside abortion clinics by pro-life vigils have welcomed the Home Secretary decision to reject pressure from abortion lobby groups to introduce nationwide ‘buffer zones’ around abortion clinics. The Home Secretary has made clear that there are a wide range of existing powers available to local authorities and […]

Largest UK Muslim Group Fighting to Ban Franklin Graham from Preaching There

The largest Islamic organization in Britain is urging the government to ban evangelist Franklin Graham, who is scheduled to appear at an event in the country later this month. Newsweek reports the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), the umbrella organization for hundreds of Islamic groups, has supported the calls from three members of parliament and members of […]

Buffer Zone around London Abortion Clinic is a First for Britain

A municipal council in a West London suburb voted this week to allow a buffer zone around an abortion clinic — the first such zone of its kind in Britain, where abortion has been legal for 50 years. The move has buoyed abortion-rights supporters, who are looking for the creation of more such zones around […]