Fraction Man

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Praise’s version of the original story. -The fraction man


Fraction Man can do sums.

He can add.

He can divide and

He can take away.


Early in the morning, Fraction Man is in the Kitchen.

Unfortunately, the dish cloth has turned into a deadly dragon and is breathing fire all over the counting clock.

Luckily, Fraction Man swoops down in his Super Sonic teapot and pours gravy all over the flames. “Hiss! you are so cute”, murmurs the dish cloth. Ahh”that’s cool”! says Fraction Man. “I’m off to take away a Takeaway”.

At lunch time, Fraction Man is in the classroom. Unfortunately, the evil Doctor Dictionary has stolen all the sharpeners and trapped them in the bin. Luckily, Fraction Man finds a ball of string, climbs down into the bin and rescue all the pencils.

“Hooray”! “You are so cute” chime the pencils. “Well, that’s cool”, said Fraction Man. “I’m off to count the number of leaves on a tree.

In the afternoon, Fraction Man is in the sitting room. Suddenly, the Villainous Scissors Shark is about to cut up Rough with the Paper Villainous Sharks. Thankfully, Fraction Man throws a jet propelled handkerchief over the Scissors shark and ties it up in ribbons. Woopee”! “you’re so cute’ sing the paper dollies. “well, that’s cool” says Fraction Man. “I’m off to kick a cuboid”! and that’s the end of the story unless you know better!


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