Lost in Sphere City

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This is a story of lost and being found in Sphere City.

It’s Easter break; I am returning from my weekly swimming lesson, on my way home I meet my friend Anne. In a panic she said if I have heard about Snita our classmate. Concerned, I asked what it was. She said “Snita went to visit her grandma at Sphere on a train from London. She got on the wrong train and it’s been 24 hours now nobody knows of her anywhere about.

Sphere is always been know as a maze city because you always have to work your way round the city like a jungle.

I cannot imagine how Snita must have been feeling more so her family. Her sister and I are such good friends.

Very worried, when I got home, I phoned her sister Carol. Crying, she said “you cannot get in contact with her on her mobile phone and gran is in such a state. It’s now a police matter in Sphere City”. After the phone call, confused and in shocked, I prayed that Snita will be found safe and well.

It is late evening and there is still no news on my friend Snita. Until bedtime when I got a phone call from Carol a great relief, her sister has been found safe and well.

The next day, I rang Snita and asked her what happened. She told me “my mum put on the wrong train which took me to a different city”. I thought I could easily walk to find gran but I couldn’t. I started to cry then had an idea, what if I call my parents but phone was dead.

It was getting late and had nowhere to stay. Everybody went to their houses whiles I sat on the road alone. Then I had an idea: what if I went to the telephone booth to call the police, but had no money. I was lost it was like a maze. Then I asked people for help but no one listened. It started to rain, the police sirens went off everyone tried to run, I was in a state. A police found me and said “Is your name Snita” and I said “yes, are you here to rescue me” “yes” replied the police.

By Deborah

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