Emily Jones : May 1, 2017 : CBN News “When you find yourself in a situation like mine, remember that victory belongs to Jesus. Stand for Him and He’ll come and rescue you.” The London High Court ruled in favor of a Christian student who was expelled from his university for calling homosexuality a sin in a private […]

Vicar’s daughter Theresa May can’t take Christian votes for granted. Here’s why

Instead, ‘social justice’, inequality and the gap between the rich and the poor are top of the list of current issues concerning these Christians. Social justice, which is traditionally the cause and mantra of the Labour party, came top at 27 per cent, followed by concern about religious decline and secularism (18 per cent), migration […]

President Trump Addresses Persecution and Religious Freedom in Weekend Message

President Donald Trump focused on the celebrations of Easter and Passover in his weekly address. He first acknowledged the celebration of Passover, saying, “The story of the Exodus is a story of freedom.  It is the story of an incredible people who were liberated from oppression and raised up the face of humankind.” He moved on to […]

UK Buses to Display Bible Verses during Easter

Buses in the UK will feature quotes from Scripture this Easter season as part of a campaign called the “Quote Jesus” bus campaign. Howard Conder, founder of Revelation TV, is spearheading the campaign. Scripture verses such as “Everyone who lives and believes in me will never die,” “In my Father’s house there are many mansions,” and “I […]

Christian Groups Launch ‘Why Israel Matters’ TV Documentary Series

Several Christian organizations have joined together to launch a TV documentary series about the importance of the nation of Israel. According to, the new series will be called “Why Israel Matters” and will trace Israel’s history back to biblical times. The series is being produced by Christians in Defense of Israel (CIDI), Liberty Counsel, and […]

International Christian group proclaims Jerusalem ‘undivided capital of Jewish state’

Originally published in Breaking Israel News On Tuesday, Christians for Israel International presented a “Jerusalem Declaration” to President Reuven Rivlin at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem. The Declaration states that Christians acknowledge that the city of Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people as part of God’s covenant promise and expresses unconditional support for the governance […]