Press Comment: Schoolgirl abortion plot line raises public concern

Right To Life spokesperson Clare McCarthy said:

“Last night’s Coronation Street plot line brought to light the fact that underage girls can have an abortion in the UK without parental involvement, and that parents have no legal right to be informed or consulted about their child’s abortion.

“Comments on Twitter showed that Coronation Street viewers were confused and concerned at how a vulnerable, 14-year-old schoolgirl would not need parental consent or involvement to get an abortion. Viewers were rightly shocked at the lack of requirement for any parental involvement which poses many questions in relation to the safety of the girl and the ability to consent.

“It highlights the lack of legal protections in place to protect vulnerable girls, under the age of consent. A ComRes poll, conducted in 2017, showed that 70% of parents agree that parental or guardian consent should be required for girls aged 15 or under to undergo an abortion.

“This also highlights the ridiculous scenario here in the UK where a girl aged under 16 needs parental consent to take a paracetamol pill at school but does not need any parental consent for her school nurse to take her off to an abortion clinic to terminate her pregnancy.

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