Women desperate to be curvy buying illegal stimulants

Slender women desperate for a curvy ‘slim thick’ figure popularised by social media stars including the Kardashians are taking a potentially dangerous appetite stimulant in order to gain weight, a documentary reveals.  Model Altou Mvuama, 19, from London, is one of thousands of women worldwide who have taken Apetamin, often falsely promoted by social media influencers […]

Crowds react to Floyd verdict

Black Americans from Missouri to Florida to Minnesota cheered, marched, hugged, waved signs and sang jubilantly in the streets after former police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty over the death of George Floyd. But they also tempered those celebrations with the knowledge Chauvin’s conviction was just a first, tiny step on the long road […]

Priti Patel accuses Facebook

Priti Patel accuses Facebook of putting profits before children’s safety, as she says tech giants have a “moral duty” to prevent abuse. The Home Secretary will take the unusual step of singling out Facebook for its “unacceptable” plans to encrypt all messages, which she says will hamper law enforcement agencies’ ability to prevent “abhorrent” online […]

Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral

Final preparations for the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral have begun ahead of the Queen and her family saying their farewells to Philip. Tributes were paid to the duke from friends and colleagues in the hours before his interment and the Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage debuted a poem written to mark the death of the Queen’s […]

St. Vincent volcano threatens food and water supplies

Some 16,000 residents living near La Soufriere were told to evacuate on Friday following the volcano’s first explosion. An unknown number refuses to depart, The Associated Press reports, leaving officials concerned for residents’ well-being. “It’s destroying everything in its path,” Erouscilla Joseph, director of the University of the West Indies Seismic Research Center, told the AP following a […]

Palestine hit by another COVID-19 wave

Palestinians have suffered through a severe wave of COVID-19. Haytham Dieck with Bethlehem Bible College says many people connected with the school have fallen sick or seen loved ones die. Worse yet, Palestine has not received any large numbers of vaccines yet. Dieck says, “The Ministery of Health says they have some, but it’s only a limited number. I […]

Idris Elba says ‘we must not pull ourselves backwards’

Idris Elba has appeared to respond to comments made by the BBC’s diversity chief claiming that Luther wasn’t “authentic”. On Wednesday (14 April), Miranda Wayland made headlines after criticising the BBC crime drama, which ran for five series from 2010 to 2019. “When it first came out everybody loved the fact that Idris Elba was in there – a really […]

The BBC is to mark the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh

The BBC is to mark the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh with a series of special programmes. Huw Edwards will lead nearly six hours of coverage broadcast from Windsor across three programmes on Friday and Saturday. Earlier this week The Sun reported the BBC has received more than 100,000 complaints about its coverage of […]