Buffer Zone around London Abortion Clinic is a First for Britain

A municipal council in a West London suburb voted this week to allow a buffer zone around an abortion clinic — the first such zone of its kind in Britain, where abortion has been legal for 50 years. The move has buoyed abortion-rights supporters, who are looking for the creation of more such zones around […]

May tells how Christian faith helped her cope with not having children

Theresa May has told how not having children has been “very sad” but said her Christian faith had helped her to cope. In a rare glimpse into her personal life, the Prime Minister spoke of the impact the death of her father had on her when she was a newly wed. But instead of losing […]

Vicar’s daughter Theresa May can’t take Christian votes for granted. Here’s why

Instead, ‘social justice’, inequality and the gap between the rich and the poor are top of the list of current issues concerning these Christians. Social justice, which is traditionally the cause and mantra of the Labour party, came top at 27 per cent, followed by concern about religious decline and secularism (18 per cent), migration […]

Legally the UK does not have to pay anything to the EU after BREXIT

According to a cross party committee of peers Britain is not under any legal obligation to pay any money to the European Union after Brexit. The Committee reported: “While the legal advice we have received differed, the stronger argument suggests that the UK will not be strictly obliged, as a matter of law, to render […]