Rev. Graham: Trump ‘Defends the Christian Faith,’ Past Presidents ‘Scolded Christians’

Commenting on the persecution of Christians in Communist North Korea and in other parts of the world, evangelical leader Franklin Graham said that one of the things he loves about President Donald Trump is that he “defends the Christian faith” unlike many past presidents who “scolded Christians.

Reverend Graham added that although the liberal media attack Trump and “condemn him” as a bad example of a Christian, he is at least “defending the faith and standing strong on that.” Graham stressed that he himself is not the “greatest example” of a Christian either, but the point is to believe in Christ and strive to do one’s best.

On Fox & Friends Weekend, Feb. 10, one of the hosts asked Graham, “Reverend, we talk a lot about political prisoners in North Korea. What is the status of the church and ‘religious prisoners’ [there] as well?

“There are some official churches and I’ve spoken in some of them, so has my father,” said Franklin Graham. “We also hear reports that in the interior Christians are killed, Christians are persecuted, any sign of Christian faith and you could be executed.”

“What I love about our president is that our president defends the Christian faith,” said Rev. Graham.  “Our past presidents scolded Christians. This president is defending Christians and he’s very open about the Christian faith.”

“I love that about President Trump and, of course at the prayer breakfast just a few days ago he was tremendous that America is a nation of believers,” said Graham.  “And we’re strengthened by the power of prayer, he reminded everyone. He also reminded us that faith is central to American life. It is. It is central to our life as a nation. I’m very thankful that Donald Trump takes this stand.”

“Many people condemn him that he is not an example of the Christian faith,” said Graham.  “Well, he may not be the greatest example – well neither am I. But at least he’s defending the faith and standing strong on that.”

When asked about the unrelenting attacks on the president by the liberal media, Hollywood, and academia, Rev. Graham said, “He’s very open. He doesn’t care if he gets criticized. He’s just going to speak what he believes. I really believe that he believes in God.”

Rev. Graham also stressed that it is necessary to pray for President Trump just as it was necessary to pray for President Obama.

“The Bible tells us to pray for those who are in authority,” he said. “Whether you voted for Donald Trump or you didn’t, we still should vote.  I didn’t vote for Barack Obama because of his position on same-sex marriage and abortion. I could not vote for him. But that doesn’t stop me from praying for him when he became our president.”

“If we pray for Donald Trump, if he does well, then our nation will do well,” he said.  “All of us will do well.

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