Stonewall Says Toddlers Can Recognize They Are Transgender

UK-based charity Stonewall is under fire for tweeting that toddlers as young as two can “recognize their trans identity,” and suggesting that nurseries should implement policies to be more trans inclusive.

On July 22, the trans activist charity shared an article by Metro which featured testimony from a trans-identified female who coached her 4-year-old daughter into identifying as a boy.

According to the article, the girl’s parents had continuously asked the very young child if she felt like a boy, girl, or neither until the girl said she “identified as a boy today.”

The parents did not question her “male identity” but when the young girl desisted shortly after starting school, going back to acknowledging that she is a girl, they were not as accepting. They soon blamed her school for not being tolerant of her transgender identity enough, suspecting that the had shamed her back into identifying as a girl.

“I still call her my daughter, and so I worry I’m only making things worse. The main reason I’m still gendering her this way is because she’s comfortable being called a girl, but expresses discomfort with being anything else, presumably because of what her teacher has said.” The mother, who identifies as transgender, told Metro.

The article goes on to suggest that the young child was not a girl because she rejected femininity.

“She’s parroting things she knows girls are supposed to like” the parent told Metro. Ignoring the possibility that 4 year old was simply gender non-conforming, the parent suspected her love for books with male characters indicated she identified as a boy.

Stonewall shared the article and stating research shows that children as young as 2 years old can know that they are “trans.” While the charity did not site a source on this information, many netizens noted that the sentiment mirrored the research of disgraced sexologist Dr. John Money. Money coined the term “gender identity,” and is often described as the father of modern day gender identity theory.

In his 1976 book Sexual Signatures, Money claimed that the development of a child’s gender identity coincided with the “critical period for learning language,” starting from birth to 18 months of age.

In the 1960s, Money was responsible for enacting a sadistic sexual experiment on two young twin boys as he attempted to prove his theories about ‘gender.’

Money convinced the parents of Bruce Reimer to raise him as a girl after the child suffered from a botched circumcision. Using Bruce’s twin brother as a control, Money attempted to demonstrate gender was ‘fluid’ and socially constructed. When Bruce failed to fully embrace his ‘gender’ identity, Money forced the twin brothers to watch pornography and simulate sex acts on each other in order for Bruce to learn how to adopt a feminine disposition.

Eventually, both Bruce and his brother begged their parents to stop taking them to Money, at which point Bruce ceased to identify as a girl. Both twins would later commit suicide, but Money maintained that his experiment was a success.

Despite Money’s research into ‘gender’ being disproven, and the unethical nature of his experiments with the Reimer twins exposed, his work laid the foundation for modern gender ideology.

On Twitter, many users were quick to invoke the Money experiments in response to Stonewall’s post which suggested children as young as two could be consciously transgender, noting that Money’s research was likely the source behind the claim. Others simply expressed outrage at the organization’s overt support of sex stereotypes.

Expressing disgust at the charity, Author Simon Edge tweeted, “I will vote for whichever party pledges to root your improper influence out of every government department and state-funded body. Politicians and senior civil servants have allowed dangerous maniacs to wield extraordinary invisible power. It must stop. It will stop.”

Child safeguarding organization Safe Schools Alliance urged people to act on this tweet, writing: “If you support this you are an unsuitable person to work with children. If you work with children in any capacity either loudly oppose this now, or resign. Your #safeguarding training has prepared you for this moment. It’s time to act.”

Many advocates who oppose the transition of children point to the highly experimental nature of trans procedures, especially the cessation of puberty by chemical means.

Last year, the gender identity clinic at the Karolinska Hospital in Sweden revealed it had been aware of over one dozen reports of undesirable secondary effects in youth patients who had been given “puberty blockers.”

In one of the cases, an 11-year-old girl who had been prescribed puberty blockers because she identified as a boy developed severe osteoarthritis in her spine after 5 years on the medication. The girl’s height was also stunted, and X-Rays demonstrated a number of abnormalities in her skeleton. The girl continued to receive puberty blockers even after doctors noted the impact it was having on her physical health.

Karolinska ended the prescription of hormones and puberty blockers to children under the age of 16 in May of 2021, citing a lack of scientific support and research into their potential health implications. The decision went on to inspire multiple other national health authorities to take similar measures.

By Shay Woulahan

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