Both Lives Matter appears before the Women’s and Equalities Committee in Northern Ireland

Today Both Lives Matter appeared before the House of Commons Women’s and Equalities Committee sitting in Northern Ireland.

The Committee is in Northern Ireland for a few days to hear evidence from a range of individuals and groups, those who support the existing law and those who want the law to change.

Dawn McAvoy commented,

‘Today we were pleased to have the opportunity to give evidence to the Women and Equalities Committee about the law on abortion in Northern Ireland.

Our message was clear, the law on abortion in Northern Irelan is devolved and the legislative concern of the Northern Ireland Assembly. It’s a sensitive political issue and this is a sensitive political moment.

We raised the fact that our law has saved over 100,000 lives who would otherwise have been aborted if we had lesgislation similar to GB.

We also spoke of the importance of consistent high quality services for women and unborn children.

We will continue to tell a better, more human story for both women and unborn children in Northern Ireland. We hope the Committee will reflect this more hopeful approach in their report.’

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