Thousands of Christians to Take Part in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Prayer Initiative

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is urging believers from all denominations to take part in the “Thy Kingdom Come” prayer initiative which is set to take place later this month.

Christian Today reports that hundreds of thousands of Christians are already committed to joining in the initiative.

‘It’s not a Church of England thing, it’s not an Anglican thing, it’s a Christian thing,’ said Welby, who, as the Archbishop of Canterbury, oversees the Anglican Church. “In these times of transformation across Europe, mass migration and war, it has never been more important to pray in whatever way we can. To be transformed as individuals and as communities so that we deepen our relationship with God and work together towards peace,” he added.

Catholics, Pentecostals, and Baptists, as well as Anglicans, will take part in the initiative. Some of the events being planned include prayer walks, candlelit services, and prayer tepees, as well as street parties and fireworks celebrations.

The BBC will live stream a broadcast featuring Welby and worship leader Matt Redman, as well as other Christian leaders.

Emma Buchan, who is organizing the initiative, testified to the great response it has received thus far: “We’ve heard from churches across the world, including different denominations and traditions, who have all pledged to get involved from South Africa to Canada and from the Brazil to Hong Kong. Each place is organising the time in their own way, for example in Hong Kong they are planning big celebrations in the cathedrals and establishing a network of ‘prayer warriors.’”

Article by Christian Headlines

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