Worldwide parents coalition forms to resist pro-LGBT ‘grooming’ in the classroom

(LifeSiteNews) – An international movement of parents from nations including the United States, Ireland, Canada, and nations in South America are all rising up against the sexualization of children by their teachers, districts, and school boards in a new Parents’ Pledge taking effect throughout the 2022-23 academic year. 

By forming a united coalition, parents are finding support in one another and building grassroots power to resist the pornographic material promoted and distributed by some of the world’s largest NGOs, including the World Health Organization.  

The Parents’ Pledge is built upon resistance in 3 key areas, as seen in the petition already signed by one thousand parents: 

  • The political push for radical transgender theory 
  • The focus of the W.H.O to couch sexual pleasure as healthcare 
  • The grooming of children in their classrooms by trusted teachers and adults to become sexually active 

Speaking exclusively to LifeSiteNews, an American parent wishing to stay anonymous outlined his reason for signing the Parents’ Pledge:

The fact that pornographic material about masturbation is being couched as healthcare to 4-year-olds from the World Health Organization is just a small indication of the entrenched predatory agenda against traditional family values, but we parents are standing together in a united front with the new Parents’ Pledge.

The Parents’ Pledge also points to a harrowing video lesson explaining how Lucy “transitions” into Liam, produced by the Irish National Teachers’ Organization. Also included is the now infamous W.H.O. proposition that advocates for children from 0-4 years old to learn about masturbation and “gender identity.”  

“Gender identity” poses a major risk to the safety of children, as seen a story that gained international attention where a male student raped a female student in the girl’s bathroom at school.  

LifeSiteNews also spoke to an Irish parent who blasted the Irish National Teachers’ Association for pushing taxpayer funded “gender transition” to preschoolers. 

This is the real global pandemic. Every nation seems to be destroying its children, including here in Ireland. When we heard about the Parents’ Pledge, we immediately signed. Knowing that parents all across Ireland, and all over the world, share our values and are pushing back gives us renewed resolve to make a change.

Many parents are realizing the damaging effect being pushed by their own governments onto children and are asking what they can do to stop the indoctrination. Whether parents choose private school, homeschool, or other options, the first move that many parents are making is signing the Parents’ Pledge.  

As taxpayer funded government school boards and powerful NGOs increase their efforts to sexualize children, an increasing amount of parents are fighting back in a way where only one worldview can prevail.  

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