Bibles For The World welcomes Afghan refugees to India

This isn’t the first time the Taliban has ruled Afghanistan. The group held control from 1996 until 2001 when western powers invaded.

During this Tim many Afghans refugees fled the country to India. John Pudaite from  Bibles For The World has started to work with these refugees over the past few years. “It’s a little-known fact that there are probably 15-20,000 Afghan refugees that ended up in New Delhi, India. And some people put the number a lot higher than that. But that’s based on how many have actually registered with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.”

Children in these families don’t have access to good education, so Bibles For The World is helping run a school for them. Pudaite says, “This partner has been reaching out to these young people, getting them in school, trying to get them up to a level of education across the board. Because they have some huge gaps in their education. The formal education system in Afghanistan has just been in shambles for many years.”

A new wave of refugees

Now, a new wave of Afghan refugees is reaching India. They travel to India for two main reasons. First, many have relatives in India that fled the first Taliban regime. And secondly, Pudaite says, “They perceive it as a nearby nation that’s somewhat similar culturally to them. They look at it as an opportunity.”

But many Afghan refugees living in India depended on funds sent from relatives in Afghanistan. Now, those funds have been cut off. Pudaite says, “They have really reached a point where they’re losing hope. This is a time that we can reach out with the message of Jesus Christ and bring hope to them.”

Bibles For The World plans to greet these refugees with gifts of food. Pray their ministry of education will benefit the children and display the love of Jesus.

Story by By Kevin Zeller – Mission Network News

Photo courtesy of unsplash.

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