PM Boris Johnson dismisses fears over tough winter

The surging energy prices this winter and a cut to universal credit has cause a lot of fear in many households in the UK. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson said people should not worry about putting food on the table.

The prime minister told BBC News: “I don’t believe people will be short of food and wages are actually rising.”

It comes after Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng warned some households face a “very difficult winter”.

Energy and food bills are rising due to a spike in global gas prices – and many families face a £20-a-week benefit cut.

The cost of protecting customers from failing energy providers could lead to higher bills

Speaking to the BBC in New York, where he has been meeting world leaders at the United Nations, Mr Johnson said the surge in energy prices was a “short-term” problem caused by “the global economy coming back to life” after the coronavirus pandemic. 

Workers also face a rise in National Insurance payments from next April, to help fund higher costs for the NHS and social care.

In his BBC interview, Mr Johnson insisted the gas price increase was an “interim” issue and the global energy markets would “rectify themselves”.


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